Intentional Mornings!

Intentional Mornings!

We like starting our days clear minded and balanced. Typically having a cup of tea and stretching to good music while saying a morning prayer usually starts us off on a good note. Did you know people who have a set morning routine usually achieve more control over their day when putting themselves in the best head space! If you don’t have a normal routine try creating one and seeing how your days flow better (even if it’s only for 10 minutes every morning). Below are a few morning routine examples if you’re seeking to find one that’s best suits you:

🍃 Mornin Workout - run, walk, yoga or Pilates… getting active to help move the body and give you the needed adrenaline to get your day going.

🍃Prayer/Meditation - calming the mind and speaking over your life and to God of your intentions and goals for the day. It may help to write them down on paper as well.

🍃 Healthy Diet - making a good balanced breakfast, eating fruit or making tea or a healthy smoothie will help to create a space of calmness, love and peace. Don’t forget to drink water to open the body up for the day.

🍃Music - play something that lifts your spirits when washing your face and brushing your teeth. During this time you can also speak words of affirmations to yourself.

🍃Affirmations - Wake up every day speaking kindness to yourself. Be the first person to say I Love You and Empower You!

We hope this helps to create a great rising for you all. What’s your morning routine? Share below for you just may help another Goddess create her own morning path.

Have a gorgeous day on purpose People of the Sun! 

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