Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Today we honor a man who practiced unity, love and the ultimate sacrifice to his people in order to end injustice in America...

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

As we connect with family, friends and loved ones 
my hope is for a deeper bond to to be made.

Let us truly know the people we are speaking to
beyond the surface level.

Ask the real questions such as, "How are you doing at work, how are you being treated, how is your health, how are you getting through this pandemic and inflation that just occurred?" Share your dreams and goals and allow for understanding of each others past. Let this year truly be the year of community... And if we're going to talk community that has to start with our own family and friends.

You'd be surprise at how a simple question of "how are you doing?"
can spring a path of building trust,
respect and genuine love for one another.

Sending much love + light your way

- LK

Founder | CEO

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  • LaShawn Kenley