{Heritage} A Polka Dot Capsule Collection

{Heritage} A Polka Dot Capsule Collection

Enjoy the unique styles of polka dots mixed with african prints. We loved playing with these different fabrics made of 100% cotton. Beautiful pieces mixed together. The perfect blend of American, Caribbean and African cultures. We adored uniting the three. We loved combining all the diversities of us!

Often we are separated. I am black... I am not Africa. I am Caribbean... I am not African. I am Latin... I am not African but the truth is, we all are African. These are our original roots. So yes you are America, Caribbean, Latin and more but you are also of African decent. The sooner we can connect to our original upbringing the quicker we can connect with one another. Removing all that makes us different and uniting under what makes us the same. This is the goal with our {Heritage} polka dot capsule collection. To tell the story of black and brown people through our clothing!

 See some fun facts below regarding the population of black and brown people in various places across the world. Odd that you never see these faces broadcast on television, yet when you visit these countries all you seen are black and brown faces!  Happy Reading...

Population of the African Diaspora

Brazil55,900,000, including multiracial people
United Kingdom: 2,497,373
Jamaica: 2,731,419
Haiti: 10,104,000, including multiracial people
Germany: 817,150
Spain: 690,291

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