Healing Properties of Gold & Crystals

Healing Properties of Gold & Crystals


Being People of the Sun and the Original Humans,
we are connected to earth in so many beautiful ways!

Crystals, Gold and Copper are natural resources of the earth that helps us to create positive energy, healing and balance within ourselves. 

Outside of its beauty...
We need to be aware of how these adornments can mentally strengthen and balance our bodies for complete elevation!

Read below to learn more about the connection between the human body, gold and crystals. Then shop our adornments to align your chakras with natural resources handcrafted from Bridgetown, Barbardos.


Healing Properties of Gold!

Gold is chemically inert, it is also believed to prevent spiritual corrosion, fatigue, and negativity. If the wearer is mindful to avoid a tendency to be have greed of the gold... gold can serve to relieve tension, anger, and feelings of inferiority. It's an immediate confidence booster.

Gold may help heal wounds and infections. Since the ancient times, it is believed to aid in the healing of infections and wounds. The gold's warm energy and relaxing vibrations do this. In addition to relaxing and promoting blood circulation, gold promotes healing.


Healing Properties of Crystals!

Below is a photo that includes a variety of natural crystals. When using meditation and prayer while holding these crystals the intention of the prayer (assuming the prayer is pure and in good faith) can be powerful and centering in results over time.




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