New Year... New Goals!

New Year... New Goals!

We are excited about the start of a New Year and New Decade!

We are starting 2020 off realistic and with set intentions. The biggest intention is to achieve work/life balance! We noticed this to be one of the areas where a lot of people struggle, especially women. We are trying to be mothers, business owners, sisters, daughters, a good friend as well as many other things. Balance and organization is KEY!

To kick things off we've created more organization and structure in our professional lives as well as personal lives. We run them both as a business. We put reminders on our calendar to call or hang with friends to maintain healthy relationships as well as create a section on our calendar for date nights with our significant others. These are labeled as required so to not remove or reschedule them to fit the craze of that particular week. What we noticed is that when we keep these moments of engagement with family, friends and spouses/significant others we tend to feel lighter and rejuvenated the next day. We also have scheduled time for self care including set reminders for all doctor and dental appointments (as well as yoga and dance classes)!  We're pretty excited to see the year grow to be one cohesive flow so that we can excel as women, as business owners and as dependable beings to our family and friends.

What is your 2020 goal(s)? How do you plan to execute them?

Whatever your targets are for the year know we are rooting for you to achieve all of them as you continue on this journey of becoming the absolute best version of yourselves!

Good luck Goddesses and Hello 2020!

Sun Gods

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