Goddess Beach Day!

Goddess Beach Day!
We have been wanting to do a beach day with the team for quite some time now and thought what better way to get some sun, connect with the team out of the office and get fresh new photos of our latest designs.
beach day
A full on Goddess Beach Day occurred and what a time we had!
Building, laughing and getting all the gorgeous content with the most perfect backdrop... our earths beautiful ocean! Forever grateful for the natural beauty of our creators/Gods work. The sand... the sea... the sun... all too perfect!
Having our own Goddess Beach Day made us think...
Should we do a beach day with our whole tribe in the future? A full on Goddess Beach Day with our fellow tribe?! We are plotting... but as of now,
it's time to relax and enjoy our first
team beach day on Assateague Island!
See all behind the scene photos and videos captured
on our Instagram and TikTok!
With Love,

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  • LaShawn Kenley