Feed The Mind... Style The Body

Feed The Mind... Style The Body

It's so important that we all maintain steady mental growth. A great way to do that is by constantly learning something new every day whether that's a new word, a new skill or a new trait. Reading is an essential way to keep the mind sharp and one of my most productive ways to past time. I wanted to highlight a book that I find to be both enlightening and educational that is titled "Black Labor White Wealth" by Dr. Claud Anderson.

This book sheds light on the hidden reasons to why Black America is still dealing with the struggles of finding economic advancement. It also highlights the morals and ethics that America was built off of and how it's systematic structure was never created to benefit the black and brown community. It's important for our diverse community to read this book so that we can see why things are the way the way they are and to get a sense of direction on what steps we need to take to build a better life for ourselves... collectively and individually.

Check it out and let us know your feedback on how you liked the book.

Happy Reading!

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