Conscious Consumers: Origin of Fabric

Conscious Consumers: Origin of Fabric

It's extremely important for us to have consumers shop from our brand and know who they are supporting.  We think it's fun for you to know which country our fabrics come from and the connection we have to different souks and marketplaces in these areas. Being a Conscious Consumer is always at the forefront in order to know where your money is going!

90% of the fabrics come from small black family owned souks in Accra, Ghana or Lagos, Nigeria. We personally have shopped from these souks for over 3 years to ensure integrity of our products but also support within the black  and brown community.  These are the printed fabrics you see turned into gorgeous dresses, pants, jumpsuits and dusters for our customers. If you notice in the description of all products we list the origin of where each fabric is came from in order for our customer to feel connected to that particular state or country. 

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