Benefits of Slow Fashion

Benefits of Slow Fashion
There’s something special about knowing exactly who makes your clothing. Understanding the companies ethics, care and expertise used to creating each garment provides insight on who and what your dollars are supporting. 

Below we listed a few highlights on how our slow fashion brand can best benefit you! 

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 All designs are unique and exclusively designed by our Founder @lashawn_daily then manufactured in small batches by our internal team of Black & Brown seamstresses. This allows us to have full quality control over what design production as well as helps us to hire creative artisans/experts within our community.

 All designs can be made ready to wear (for you to shop immediately) or custom/made (for you to order in specific tailored sizes). This means all apparel can be made in any size!

 All designs are legacy statement pieces. This means it’s made with extreme quality in order to last for a lifetime and hopefully be passed down to younger generations.

 All designs are specifically created with our tribe in mind (People of the Sun) to help nurture community, love and true excellence!

Stay in tune with our social media (@sungodsofficial) and blog posts to see more information on just how to shop slow fashion and the continuous benefits it provides you in building a wardrobe your will love!
- Sun Gods

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