Behind The Collection

Behind The Collection
The Story Behind The Collection:

What inspired you to create the Sundays Brunch collection?

{LaShawn}: Sundays Brunch was designed after finding this amazing dupioni silk fabric and just being inspired to create something unique with it. I loved the texture and adored the print and just had to buy every roll available. It wasn't much left of the pink polka dot print in the U.S. which made it very exclusive to Sun Gods clients, which I loved. I wanted us to have a little fun with what we wore yet still be able to exude strength as well as our softness. My design aesthetic usually dances between the lines of powerful and playful or soft with a little bit of an edge. The balance of the two always works well in my mind. "Powerful" would be the suit and everything that a suit embodies... strength, confidence and success. The "Softness" comes into play with it being pink and having multi-colored polka dots all over it, making it more playful and fun. It was just the perfect combination for Spring/Summer. 

What inspired the names of the Polka Dot Series?

{LaShawn}: I went through a few names actually. It was just going to be the Polka Dot Capsule Collection. Once I completed the designs I noticed there was a distinction between the pink polka dots versus the blue/red polka dot looks. The final results gave two completely different vibes to where the stories of the two were developed more so from there. It was clear as to who this woman was that wore the Sunday's Brunch line and who she was when wearing Heritage. It could very well be the same woman pending her mood. Once the final look was made I threw some names out to my husband and he tossed some over to me. We played with calling it "spotted", "dots", "specs". They all were ok but very typical to me. I then began to think, where would this woman go when wearing the pink polka suit or pink polka dot fringed skirt and that is when Sundays Brunch was born. 

For Heritage it was a different process. I didn't necessarily think about where this woman was going but more so the message that was developed when I styled this piece. It was just giving me major vibes of combining the cultures of  Nigeria and The Caribbeans. I was channeling something there and since I have Caribbean roots the next word that came to mind was Heritage. Of course, there are various fun, flirty and chic ways to wear the jumpsuit without carrying such a heavy meaning but that's what came to mind at the time when I thought of what to call the blue jumpsuit and red/pink polka dot tiered skirt.

What is your favorite piece in the collection?

{LaShawn}: Now that's a tough question to ask. Of course each piece is near an dear to me but if I have to choose it's a tie between the fringe skirt and the blue jumpsuit. I would wear them the most in my every day life. Ugh! But I truly adore that suit and on a relaxing day with the girls the tiered skirt will come into play. It's just so hard to choose!

Are all the pieces custom order only or do you create ready to wear items as well?

{LaShawn}: I typically create about 3 ready to wear pieces but the idea is that have items customized. That way each piece fits perfectly to the customers specific body type and flows to the rhythm of them. I know some people just want to click and buy or come to our events and buy directly in person so I make a few for pieces that are immediately ready to wear.

What's next on the horizon?

{LaShawn}: I always love the element of surprise so I don't want to give up too much but a girl loves her caftans ; )


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