Aquarius Lovers Are Here

Aquarius Lovers Are Here

Our beautiful Aquarmarines it is your time to shine! As the Star of the zodiac sign, you light up the earth with your energetic and creative ideas. A true leader in every sense of the word you take charge and rebel with bringing innovative thoughts to the forefront. Go ahead... show us what will be new and true to the year 2022!



Aquarians are persistent, dedicated, and passionate about everything they set their heart on doing. They won't walk away from a cause that matters to them. They'll have to be dragged away. Aquarius are shy when you first meet them, but once they open up to you, they are friendly, accepting, and fun. They also are extremely talented/intelligent and open and direct. Everyone truly loves an Aquarius to be around.


Lucky colors:

Opal and Sapphire


Lucky days during the week this year:

Thursdays, Tuesdays, and Mondays 


Lucky months this year:

April and May


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