Adorn Her | Imani B.

Adorn Her | Imani B.

Imani is the epitome of live your life in color and Out Loud!

A true nomad at heart she has ventured throughout the world experiencing various cultures, music, adventures and more and we are waiting on the edge of our seat to see what she does next. Her story is remarkable as she speaks about Expat living (the good, the bad and the unheard of). We are thankful for her transparency and wanted to share her journey with you all. 

Currently she resides in Mexico where she gives the best insight on day to day living with her husband and young son. Where to go to for work, school districts, restaurants, date nights and more. Learn about her journey by visiting her Instagram full of amazing gems. Then hit that follow button for we're sure you won't want to look away.


Fun Fact!

Imani B. is currently promoting her new Luggage | Travel line. Check it out and support her for all our Goddesses who are on the GO :

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