Adorn Her | Alex Elle

Adorn Her | Alex Elle

Alex Elle is such an amazing powerhouse - a writer, author, poet, motivational speaker and small business owner.  If you are not familiar with her name, we are sure you have heard of her poems or words of inspiration before (you just didn't know it was her). We also are pretty positive you have seen her infamous hand written messages on cut off paper that she's made popular!

Holistic healing is her superpower and she has blessed the hearts and souls of many through voice. If you are needing daily inspiration and motivation, check out her new book, "After the rain" and view the links below to follow her and her work. She's a rare gem and will become your new go to!


Fun facts:

1) Alex is resides in the Washington, DC area with her husband and three children. We are so connected to that for Sun Gods is headquartered in DC!

2) Alex and our Founder LaShawn Kenley use the same photographer (Erika Layne) as well as both get their henna done by the same artist (Khadija Carryl from @hennasooq).

3) Alex conducts workshops and retreats to assist with healing of the community! Visit her website to be a apart!


Get Connected:

Social media handle - @alex_elle

Website - 


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