10 Ways To Know You're Bohemian At Heart

10 Ways To Know You're Bohemian At Heart
Ever wondered if you were Bohemian to the core or if you simply adored the lifestyle from a far? Below are top 10 signs that will let you know if you're a complete Bohemian Goddess at heart!
    • You never wear shoes... like ever! (and when you do wear them you want to take them off frequently throughout the day)
    • Your hair is typically slightly disheveled (but in a on purpose way)
    • Your have a wide brim hat in both hunter green and black
    • When you do wear shoes, you wear wedge or platform/thick heeled shoes (boots, heels)
    • All your clothes are flowy and when you wear fitted dresses you pair it with a flowy duster
    • Plants are just EV-ER-Y-WHERE... and you love it. As much as you can turn your home into a forest you will!
    • You love giving all praise to the Universe. Anytime something good occurs the Universe is on your side!
    • You know you’re a freaking Goddess at all times! Especially when you wear gold and silk
    • You’re genuinely a kind hearted person who wants to see the good in everything and everyone...(sometimes to a fault)
    • You love everything organic - food, skincare, hair health, overall health. You try to be as chemical free as possible!

    Add on the fact that you're a DIY (Do It Yourself) Queen and there you have it... You have the make of being the ultimate Bohemian Chica! There are so many things to add to this list. We had so much fun creating our top faves for you.


    How many of these signs were completely you? We shamelessly got a 10 out of 10 {of course}!


    Till Next Time,

    Sun Gods

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