San Pedro Town Market

San Pedro Town Market

When visiting Belize we absolutely fell in love with the Artisan Market also known as San Pedro Town Market. It housed a diverse collection of hand crafted home decor, jewelry and clothing. When speaking with one of the artisans he mentioned how business is decreasing for local artisans due to large corporations creating a monopoly on the resources needed for them to make a living. This Creole Belizean was very passionate about his country and his craft. We loved all of his goods which mostly were made from rose wood. We bought a few of his items to bring back to the states and ventured down the line of local entrepreneurs to see how we could play our part in keeping the San Pedro Town Market alive! Check out the cool items we collected below. Some are for purchase which is located in our International Goods section.


(Wooden Fruit Holder)


(Marble Face Mask)

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