Sun Gods x Bonnti - Hair Stylist and MakeUp Artist At Your Fingertips!

Sun Gods x Bonnti - Hair Stylist and MakeUp Artist At Your Fingertips!

Our hair is our glory which we cherish and protect with our lives. Once we find the right hairstylist, we treat them like gold whom we are loyal to and never would want to replace. Sometimes it is out of our control and we must find a new stylist due to relocating or some other unforeseen circumstance. In this instance, we typically ask our trusted network of friends who they recommend to assist us with with our textured tresses. We always are on the search for someone who would is both affordable and skillful in our particular hair type. Owners of Bonnti, Maude and Simone, Nigerian childhood friends turned business partners, created an amazing mobile app titled Bonnti! This app simplifies the journey with our hair experience by providing us knowledge and access to the best stylists.



Our Founder, LaShawn Kenley, was invited to be a speaker at a Bonnti - Stylist Social event which was hosted at the beautiful Bespoke hair salon in Washington DC a few weeks ago. Here she gave her insight on the business of salon ownership and our community as a whole as entrepreneurs. She also spoke about branding, imaging and more. The room was filled with great energy as everyone shared their ideas and experiences of entrepreneurship success and woes.


{Maude, Bonnti Co-Founder, showing LaShawn how to navigate through the app}


Once downloading the Bonnti app you gain access to a secured network of hairstylist and makeup artists in the area. Here you will receive the best in stylist for locs, curly hair, braids/twists and more. You also will see reviews and the stylist ratings to better make an informed decision on who to hire.

Are you a stylist/make-up artist? This app is for you too for it offers a portal to share your services to potential clients. This allows you access to more individuals who will need your services! Apply for onboarding today or learn more about the BONNTI app by visiting:

On social media? Check out their instragram page {@BonntiApp}. 

Let us know if you download their app and/or found a stylist/artist using their services ladies. We want to hear feedback on how it worked for you and spread the word to others!


Much Love,

Sun Gods



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