Where to Shop Black?

Where to Shop Black?



It can be pretty tough to find exactly which companies are black owned and where they are within your specific region. If you live in a more city driven area, you will find that there's more access to black owned businesses. Especially if you live in a more populated area that has more black individuals there. 

Below are the TOP 5 Shop Black Apps we selected for you to review and download to your phone to make sure journey a bit more easier!


1) We Buy Black  

2) Buy Black App

3) Official Black Wall Street

4) Katika

5) iZania


1) The Nile List

2) Shoppe Black

* Most apps listed above have correlating websites as well.

Have recommendations?

If any of the apps are not helpful or are too out of date send an email to bbojune@sungodsofficial.com for us to update this list. If you have more suggestions of additional apps you have used and would like to recommend, send us an email and we can steadily update this list. It's a community effort to keep the list fresh and updated!

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