Our Founder: #BBOJune Week 1

Our Founder: #BBOJune Week 1
Today is June 1st which starts the first day of "Buy Black Only June"!

You should already begin celebrating for it's a huge accomplishment to even want to try something new during the various pandemics we're going through right now. The point of #BBOJune (Buy Black Only June) is to shop solely or mostly within our own community FIRST before investing our dollars outside of our community. 


To see resources of where to shop black in your area click HERE.



We have to start putting our money where our mouth is to MAKE US GROW. ECONOMIC POWER is how we get there. Silencing the businesses of others and retreating to tend to our own companies to ensure their growth and stability is urgent right now before we put our efforts into anything else. We need to have businesses that represent us all over America and that call for representation is being summons more than ever. This effort must be done as a collective (not just individually) for the only way to see the needle move is by us all participating at the same time versus just one offs or small groups. Unifying is how this works! So let's get this started together


#BBOJune Itinerary - Week 1

Below is how my first week of buying black has gone. To find these items, I used the "We Buy Black" website and app as well as various social media platforms, recommendations and places where I previously shopped. View the list below to see who you may want to add to your own lists!


Week 1:


Monday, June 1

I'm running out of a few things like batteries, deodorant, fingernail polish, hair ties and etc. The following is what I have researched to find these items.

Playpits - Natural Deodorant

Someone recommended them to me so this will be my first time checking them out but I know of others who has raved about them.


The Honey Pot Company

Needed some pads for I no longer use tampons. They just aren't healthy or functional for my life. The Honey Pot has a variety of feminine products that I see I will use more of in the future for cleansing and menstrual needs. LOVE!!



Using the We Buy Black App/Website for everyday needs such as: batteries, mouthwash, etc. Think of it like a Black Target!



Miya Lounge (MD) - I've gone here often for West African food and it's delicious! The portions are always plentiful.


Gas Station:

Velero Gas (DC)

By the end of the week I will need gas for I'm below the half mark so I am going to go to Black owned franchise on the 5001 Georgia Avenue, DC location. They also have full ownership of the store attached to the gas station. It's actually owned by a friend of a friend who is Ethiopian! 

Tuesday, June 2nd

Mad Cow Grill

This place was so good! I ordered the Rasta Pasta but they have various other brunch, lunch and dinner options. Think of them as your chain restaurant like Ruby Tuesday, Long Horn or something along those lines but wayyyy better! Definitely going back.


I haven't gone to close farmers in the DC/MD area but will review the Black Farmers blogpost to see where in DC/MD I need to venture to this weekend. Hmmm I wonder if they can group together and make a Black Farmers Market. That would be perfect! We need them centralized!

In the meantime, I prepared chicken and fish dinner dishes that I already had in my fridge from the last time I went grocery shopping as well as have been ordering from black owned restaurants for lunch. Customer service at all places I've been to thus far has been superb! 

More Restaurants I want to check out that are near me in MD:

More Than Java Cafe


Milk & Honey Cafe


Red Crab House

I've been here a million times. It's delicious. Will more than likely eat here tomorrow (Friday).


NuVegan Cafe'


 This place is becoming a DC Vegan staple. You would never know they were vegan for all their dishes are extremely tasty. I know some friends who have gone to them this week!


Thursday, June 4th

I must admit I am TIRED today! From fighting the power, sewing face masks and getting clothing orders prepared for shipment to voting, cooking and being inundated with messages on all the Black Businesses in America to support... I've officially hit the moment of being overloaded. So I called in reinforcement to assist with additional administrative needs, slept in to allow my body to rejuvenate and shortened my list of things to do today. Tonight will definitely be a Self Care kind of night! I hope...

Lunch - I ate what was in the house since I woke up later which was lemon pepper chicken and greens. 

Wine & Spirits:

Today I realized I'm running low on wine!! To be honest it has kept my husband and I afloat this past weekend with all the trauma of George Floyd protests and messaging. Wine and documentaries/movies have served as a nice distraction to keep us sane. I'm down to having 1 bottle left so I will order more from the oh so popular, McBride Sisters Wine. Check them out!



Prepare for Sun Gods "Aligned & Lifted" Healing Session with Personal Care Therapist Elle! This is going to be so needed after this super heavy week we just had. 

Marie Beauty Supply Store (DC)- I need some more mousse for these curls and my shampoo is getting low so I will stop by and grab from some from here.




Went to #BlackLivesMatter Protest in Washington, DC and stayed for 6 hours. Enjoyed a beautiful moment of unity, love and teaching amongst other DC natives and residencies. So honored to have seen it all in person.

Went to Velero gas station to get gas from an Ethiopian/black franchised station off of 5001 Georgia avenue, NW DC. The Mart is 100% owned by that family. LOVE! Going there all the time to get gas now.

Sunday Plans:

Go for a 3 mile walk around the lake nearby me and prepare for #BBOJune Community Gathering at 7PM on @sungodsofficial IG LIVE!!

No shopping this day.


End of Week Summary:

It's been a long week but I've been excited to learn new businesses and be able to become a customer of theres. Loving how we all are connecting and sharing resources! So perfect. Looking forward to making more updates and sharing with you all. If you want to share your story with Sun Gods regarding how your week is going for Buying Black Only June | #BBOJune email: bbojune@sungodsofficial.com. Remember if you can't do 100% buying black only, that's ok! What can you do is more important!

With Love Always!


Founder + Creative Designer 

Sun Gods, Llc


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