#BBOJune Community Support

#BBOJune Community Support



We can't do this alone. Well... we can and some of us have been but what better way to take on this shop black journey than to do this together! 

Shopping black only is definitely a feat within itself. It won't be a seamless cakewalk for there are industries where we simply do not have any (or very little ownership in). We figured it would be best to have a support group/community where we can share our challenges, success stories, tips and more during a bi-weekly IG LIVE gathering. Now this isn't going to be like every other LIVE you've been on. We know they are taking over your lives! lol This is a gathering about our community, our findings, where are we lacking, what states need more support/businesses and more! Think town hall style but a dope one. Because... well... you know who we are as a people. We only curate dope things!

 We're Going LIVE soon!

IG LIVE access will be provided to everyone who is on the email list. For the first few LIVES the host will be our Founder, LaShawn Kenley. She will bring in various participants of #BBOJune so that we can share all of our experiences of what we are finding in our areas. Eventually more of our community leaders will host in areas of of their expertise such as: Finance, Politics (American Politics and how it affects Black empowerment/growth), Self-Love/Healing (which is extremely needed for our community of men and women), Education, Job Assistance and more for our community. Yeah... it's more than just about buying black only... It's a lifestyle to improve us individually and collectively as a people. 

@sungodsofficial IG LIVE
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Sunday, June 7th 7PM-8PM EST!

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